Coffee Industry

Hello everyone! Hope you are well and welcome back to my blog! So I thought I would talk about one of my passions on here which just so happens to be one of the biggest consumer markets in the world. Coffee! Of course. It is the one beverage that transitions all over the world and although we all have very unique ways of drinking it we can all share in the essence of what coffee is and how it makes us feel. Coffee has become so many things to so many people. Coffee is now an art form in which baristas train competively to create the most beautiful cup. Following the process from harvesting the bean to roasting it and finally grinding the bean to placing in the vesicle of your choice whether it be an espresso machine, a French press, or a pour over……… truly it is something worthwhile.

Coffee is actually worth $100 billion dollars worldwide and coffee exporting alone is worth $20,000 billion. After crude oil it is the most sort after commodity on the planet with 500 billion cups of coffee consumed every year. It is no surprise then that cafés are the fastest growing niche in the restaurant industry with new coffee shops popping every minute. Whether it be a café latte in France, an espresso coffee in Italy or iced coffee in Vietnam there really is a coffee for everyone.

Unfortunately, 90 per cent of the world’s coffee production happens in developing countries and is consumed by western industrialised countries. The industry is also notorious for low wages and unethical working conditions, as well as causing major deforestation as more and more land is needed each year to cope with the high demand.