Collecting Stamps

Collecting Stamps


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Stamp collecting as a hobby has been around for many, many years.  It has been suggested that it first begin in 1774 when an Irish man, John Bourke who was the Reciever of General Stamp Dues started collecting.  He put together a book embossed revenue stamps, as well as the hand stamped change marks.  

 Stamp colection

When I was younger me and my older sister started collecting stamps.  We had gone to a good old car boot sale and found an only stamp collectors book with several pages ful of stamps and put our hard earned money together, saved over the course of that summer, so we could buy this book.  We bought pages of stamps whenever we could, and would collect stamps whenever we were sent any post but unfortunately found the cost of keeping up with stamp collecting was rather high, so we ended up stopping.  Several years later and my younger brother (16 years younger) became very interested in geography.  Both me and my sister are very into travelling, and we thought that for his birthday we would gift him our stamp collection, and help him to further it by collecting stamps from everywhere we travel and sending or bring them back to him.  He has now amassed quite a collection with pages of stamps from Cambodia, Thailand, Canada, Kenya and Mongolia to name a few, as well as other pages he recieves as occassional presents.  I think it such a great way of sharing a hobby with someone younger who will hopefully remember the experience as fondly as we do, and will have a great collection to pass on if he wishes.  


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