Dealing with Stress

You are coming home late – from work. Again. Your body is all tensed up. You feel powerless, exhausted, tired. What a stressful day. But now it's time for you to relax, to charge you batteries. But how? What is the best way?
No worries! Here are some tips and basic relaxation techniques on how to overcome stress. And this will help you to charge your batteries in no time.

Types of Stress

First of all, there are two types of stress: positive and negative. Positive stress doesn't harm your body, even in the long run. It is caused by strong motivation and positive emotions like happiness for example if you spend your time pleasantly. Maybe you recently got a new hobby you are enjoying regularly.

On the other hand, there is negative stress. This can cause a lot of problems and health issues and thus seriously damage your body. Therefore overwhelming conditions should neither last a long time nor prevail as a permanent state.


So always try to keep yourself as much organized as possible. Keep track of your workload. Make sure you reserve enough time for you to calm down and relax. The best and easiest way to do so, is to get a simple and cheap personal organizer off to keep track of your schedule and all appointments. It is a little investment with regard to the benefits.

Consequences of Stress

Due to stress, the body is in a constant state of alertness. In this state, in addition to the typical stress hormone adrenaline, cortisol and growth hormones are also released to stabilize metabolic processes. But what effects do the hormones have and how does this affect the body in the long run?

The release of adrenaline causes an increased heart activity, a higher blood pressure, an increase in muscle tone, release of glucose and an increased metabolism. On the other hand, other processes, which would hinder a rapid escape, are prevented. These mainly include digestion and sex drive.

Stress in the long run

Due to chronic stress, a large amount of people suffer from constipation. As for women, a lack of menstruation can occur. The increased muscle tone also causes tension in the neck and results in headaches.


In the long run the high blood pressure can result in a weakening of the heart muscle and damage the blood vessels as well as organs. In the worst case this can lead to heart failure, a cardiac infarction or even a stroke.

Furthermore, adrenaline, cortisol and growth hormones are counterparts of insulin. That means they actually lower the insulin level. Therefore the level of blood sugar increases. That's why, in the long run, stress can also cause diabetes.

Cortisol is known to many people as of hydrocortisone. It is is often part of anti-inflammatory creams. But if a lot of cortisol is released due to stress for over a long period of time, inflammation is also inhibited in the body. This may seem good at first, but ultimately the antibody production is inhibited as well, so that the body can no longer sufficiently fight against germs or viruses: one is more frequently ill.

Time to Relax

For all the above reasons, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to learn relaxation techniques and to allow your body to rest and recover. The more relaxed you are, the healthier you are in the long run. A great resource for that is This site contains a lot of information on how to avoid and how to manage stress.

For basic relaxation you can listen to special relaxation tracks. The website offers a wide range of cheap and also second hand CDs for that purpose.


Contrary to the stress, relaxation exercises cause an activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, the resting nerve, the opposer of the sympathetic nervous system. Breathing and heart rate slow down, the blood vessels are dilated, causing the blood pressure to drop. Anyone who regularly exercises relaxation techniques in his life feels more relaxed, more satisfied and more powerful.
It is also possible to physically exercise by doing sports. This reduces the stress level as well. Maybe you can try a new, fancy sport called Parkour.

If you want to be successfully in the long run and are aiming for measurable results, you should not just exercise a few minutes a week. The more often you practice your exercises, the easier it is to relax in stressful situations. Since one is generally more relaxed, after successful training, former stress situations may not even be perceived as such. This helps you to stay calm.

If you are more interested in this topic, make sure you check out This website offers a wide variety of cheap and second hand relaxation products such as chairs and much more.