Home roasting Coffee Beans

Home roasting Coffee Beans

Roasting your own coffee beans can be a rewarding, and tasty, experience. It can be as easy or technical depending on how you want to make it.

The process is incredibly simple, and quick.  In fact, depending on the chosen method, you can expect the process to take around 10 minutes to make a small batch and 16 minutes to create a large batch. And the simple process; apply heat to transform green fresh coffee beans into yummy brown roasted coffee.

How to get started.

Choose a roaster.

When it comes to roasting coffee there are many different methods. Your chosen method should be decided by the quantity of coffee you wish to produce, as well as the amount of money you have to spend D.I.Y Methods.

One of the best ways to get started is using items you have at your disposable. If you have a Hot Air Popcorn Popper then that works great, otherwise a stovetop or oven can also be used.

Home Coffee Roasters

Another great method, and particularly if you have a little extra cash is to buy a coffee roasting appliance. An appliance should come with a timer and a collection for chaff. Although higher end appliances should come with temperature control, air flow control and smoke suppression. A good air roasted should take less than 10 minutes to roast even unscorched beans. This makes them perfect for roasting small quantites for maximum freshness.

Choose your beans.

Green beans

To start with I recommend choosing a sampler pack of green beans.  This should help you learn about the major differences, as well as some subtler differences between regions. When you’ve identified your favourite region pick multiple green beans to further narrow it down.