Kids hobbies spent outdoors

Kids hobbies spent outdoors


For years fishing has been a hobby of many, mostly men. It gives man and boy quality time together at a slow pace, but most importantly, in this day and age, it’s outdoors. Being outdoors will educate children the importance of our planet. You may have to drag them kicking and screaming from their computers but once there they will be hooked ( no pun intended).


It’s not difficult to learn how to fish, it just takes a little patience and time. Simple tactics need to be learned for beginners, from what bait to use, changing depths, changing locations and so on. If your not catching, or getting bites, move around the lake or down the river. Cast further out, cast to the left or change to the right. This is all part of the fun of this healthy and educational hobby.


Being outdoors fishing will also encourage the younger generation to respect the environment and in most cases leads to them being interested in other outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping and so on.


Their are stacks of resources online to help you plan the best fishing trips, plus government environment and regional park agencies are doing a fantastic job at keeping many lakes, rivers and ponds stocked.


Fishing is a hobby with a huge amount of options from night fishing, deep sea fishing, ice fishing to basic park pond ‘catch and release’, all of which can be fantastic fun for all the family.  Aswell as fun, fishing is an excellent reminder to us all regarding sustainability of nature, rivers and lakes included.


Get your kids outdoors and fishing is a great starting point.

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