Poker tricks

Hi everyone welcome back to my hobbies and leisure blog. I was recently playing some poker with a group of friends and I realized how out of practice I was.  I went home that night and decided to take a look online to find a nice guide on being a successful poker player and I managed to compile this list of tips and tricks on how to do well the next time you're playing poker. Of course depending on what kind of Poker you're playing there's going to be different tricks you want to know so I'm going to give a little rundown on how to play Hold'em, Omaha, and Stud poker.


Texas Hold'em has become the most popular form of Poker in the world over the past 10 years. In hold'em poker players are tasked with making the best possible 5 Card hand from 7 cards between the two cards in the player's hand (called hole cards) and the 5 cards the dealer places on the table (called table cards).

Omaha Hold'em is very similar to Texas Hold'em.  Omaha has five community cards on the table with the same flop turn river structure as Texas Hold'em, but instead of each player having two cards that have 4. With these four cards however you're only allowed to use 2 of them for your 5 Card hand.Fact that everyone has twice the amount of cards in Omaha generally means that there is more action.

While Hold'em has become increasingly popular 7 and 5 Card Stud is still quite a popular game particular in certain places in the United States. In some ways holderman's quite similar to 7 card stud in the each player's house and making the best possible five-card hand from available 7 cards. Unlike Holdem in Omaha however there is no Community cards in 7 or 5 Card Stud However each player is dealt 5 hidden cards at the start of each game. Some variants of Stud allow you to trade in some of these cards to the dealer.