Printing Machines

Hello again everybody, it’s me Suki and I’m back for another instalment on my amazing blog! Since last time I have been in contact with a friend about a possible business opportunity. It involves the process of large-scale printing, for big businesses (hopefully), and even our own clothing. For this type of printing it requires an offset printing machine (although clothing prints are done on different machines, but that is hopefully going to come later). It is an exciting opportunity because this friend in particular is already quite successful and he has known me for a long time, and knows I am extremely enthusiastic about new ideas and potential money earners. Usually when he puts his money and mind to something it makes money, so I am very grateful he is giving me the opportunity to my vast amounts of energy into an exciting project.


So for this project it involves printing machines not like your average home printer. Big scale machines are needed, like you would expect of a newspaper or magazine, for instance (a little clue into what we might be doing). I am looking into the possibility of purchase and today I am giving to you the results of what I have found out! I never thought I would be this interested in printing machines, but there you go, life is always full of surprises, and if you stay with a positive attitude, then positive things will happen to you!




These machines are the best in the business from what I have read. They are a German company and have been manufacturing large offset printing machines (and lots of other types of machines) for many many years. Heidelberg are a big company with well over 12,000 people working for them across the world and is a billion dollar making money machine! Their new offset machines are the best in the business, but probably outside of our budget. The Speedmaster machines look like something from the future, so hopefully if our business idea evolves like we hope then we can look forward to buying a high quality machine at some point. The productivity output of these printing machines is huge (probably why they gave them the name Speedmaster!) and it is no surprise that some of the biggest companies in the world use Heidelberg for their printing solutions.


It is not all doom and gloom though and there is no reason to feel dejected, because you can find some older Heidelberg used printing machines if you look around the Internet for a while and there is a machine to meet most budgets after I dug around.




Another German company, and another leader of the field is Manroland. They pride themselves on the German efficiency and engineering and have been around since 1871, so they must be doing something right. The Roland presses are very impressive machines and are regarded as some of the most reliable that you can get in the market today. High quality printing machines indeed!




Komori are a Japanese company that have been making printing machines for well over 80 years. Being Japanese they are never too far behind the best machines and they are extremely popular all across the world. They make very efficient printing machines and wastage is very low, which is something that needs to be considered both economically and ecologically. They have a very large product line and is very interesting to look at. If you do so wish, then take a look at their website, here


Muller Martini


A Swiss company with factories in other countries, they are also one of the top brands of printing machines. They have been making offset machines in particular for more than 40 years and have developed advanced technologies, which sees them very close to the best in the world.




This research has concluded that we are definitely very much on the lookout for a Heidelberg machine, one that is not too old and can meet our demands. Although any of the above manufacturers’ machines would do the job that we require. We are not sure how quickly this plan will take off so we have to be careful about what we invest in, as it could make or break our project. We have a lot to think about and fortunately time is on our side so that we can wait for the right machine to present itself to us!