Surprise Reveals in Video Games

What’s up guy’s my name is Bobby with and I am her with another post for the best hobbies and leisure blog on the planet. So we all know that video games are becoming art today; they can help us deal with stress and other issues, plus sometimes you get to experience the most amazing landscapes and stunning characters. Then of course there is the plot. Sometimes it's a gripping revenge tale that carries you through the whole game, and sometimes it is the surprise twists at the end that really cement a game as art. Here are my top picks for surprise reveals in video games. All of these games are a bit older, so I had no problem picking up a used copy from to give myself a refresher.

Red Dead Redemption Surprise Ending

Batman: Arkham City

Batman fighting the joker has came to be one of the best rivalries in a fictional universe. The Joker's sadistic yet somehow logical approach to everything mixes perfectly with Batman and his dark demeanor. Okay, spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t played Arkham City yet. If you haven’t, I would suggest going and checking out the used copies for sale in Ireland at, you can save enough money to afford the catwoman DLC. At the end of the game you have a fight with a Joker who turns out to be Clayface, and when Batman is walking towards the body of Clayface with the formula to heal Joker the Joker comes out of nowhere, stabs Batman on the arm and he drops the formula, splash all over the ground. The Joker then had one last laugh(literally) before dying on the grounds, essentially in Batman's arms. Well, now that that is over you can collect all of the stupid collectables around the city. Use this guide in you need help.

Joker Arkham City 

Call of Duty Black Ops

What’s worse having your lifelong nemesis die in your arms? Hmm, maybe finding out that your lifelong ally and friend died long ago and you had been brainwashed since then? This is exactly what happens to Alex Mason in Black Ops. After being caught a failed CIA operation, Mason gets sent to a Russian gulag where he befriends an inmate, Viktor Reznov. The two plan a riot so they can escape but only Mason does. Reznov dies in the escape, but Mason sees his friend with him until the end of the game, when he is being interrogated by his ex-squad mates. If you have not played this absolute roller coaster of a game you have to do so, take a look at some of the used copies for sale at and you might even find a double pack.

Alex Mason Call of Duty Black Ops 

What are your picks?

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