Yu-gi-oh cards

Yu-gi-oh Cards

Hello you lovely people, how are we all doing today? I would like to welcome you back to my hobby and leisure blog, and once again thanks for supporting this little blog. Did any of you play yu-gi-oh when you were younger? I recently found some mint condition yugioh cards online and have gotten back into it. It was the big thing when I was growing up, and it became popular too quickly for my mother to ban it from the house like she did with Pokemon. Since playing again, I am trying to build a really strong deck that works, instead of just the cards I thought were best like when I was younger. So if you are like me and want to get back into Yu-gi-oh, look out for these cards.

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Simply referred to as “Blue Eyes” by hardcore players, this level 8 monster card has a ridiculous attack power of 3,000, meaning that in can destroy almost any other card on the field. A good trap card to go along with BLue Eyes White Dragon is Justi-Break, which sends all non-normal monsters to the graveyard. Blue Eyes white dragon is a normal monster, making it safe from the trap and also helping to clear the field of anything more powerful. The card also featured a 2,500 defense rating, meaning that it can hold its own on defense as well.

Blue Eyes White Dragon Deck


Raigeki is a one of the original spell cards in the game, and also one of the most powerful. This card allows you to destroy every monster that your opponent has under his/her control, meaning that it can clear the field of all powerful monsters leading the way for a victory charge. Also helpful in case you have low level monsters with high level effects. If you are into stamp collecting, then you will enjoy trying to find this card somewhere.

Black Luster Soldier-Envoy of the Beginning

It is almost guaranteed that you will have some sort of Black Luster Soldier's in your deck, but chances are you just have the simple common one. The Envoy of the Begining version isn’t as numerically powerful as the other cards on this list; being only level 8 and having 1,500 attack points but it has other qualities that make it worth adding. In lieu of attacking, the Black Luster Soldier can banish any normal monster that is face up to the graveyard. It can also attack two targets a turn, provided it destroys the first. Definitely a good card to have in any deck.

Winged Dragon of Ra

This level ten monster card has a very special ability. In order to attack, you must feed it your hitpoints. The more hitpoints you feed it, the more powerful it can become. That means that if you really want to risk it for the biscuit then Winged Dragon of Ra can become a very powerful monster. You can only pay points into the Dragon when you summon it, so make your choice wisely.

Winged Dragon of Ra


Obelisk the Tormentor

Obelisk is a level ten monster from the original set of cards, and the original version is actually banned from most tournaments. The current version not only has 4,000 attack and defense power but is also unaffected by spells, traps, or card effects. Even more, by tributing 2 monster cards to Obelisk whilst in play a player can destroy all monster controlled by their opponents.

5 Headed Dragon

One of the only level 12 cards I have ever seen in play, the 5 Headed Dragon requires a special summoning known as a fusion summon. The card becomes invulnerable to fire, water, earth, wind, or dark type monsters and combined with its 5,000 attack and 5,000 defense, it makes a very powerful opponent.  

Exodia the Forbidden One

Anyone who played Yugioh in the beginning of the century will recognize this card immediately. Sometimes mistaken visually for Exodius, this card isn't much to look at in comparison. But if the player can get all 5 of the Forbidden One cards including Exodia, you win the game right there.

Exodia the Forbidden One Full Set

That is about it folks, my list of yugioh cards to look out for if you are starting your deck again. These may be hard to find, but with a little determination you can do it. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out the last one on outdoor hobbies for kids. Take it easy guys.